Journalist Panel Sweeps National Press Club Elections


ISLAMABAD, March 8, 2024 – Continuing their winning streak, the journalist panel secured all executive body seats in the National Press Club elections held on March 7, 2024.

This consistent success over the years underscores a sustained mandate from club members, solidifying the panel’s influence and leadership within the organisation.

Azhar Jatoi Elected President with Significant Majority:

Azhar Jatoi, the newly elected President, emerged triumphant with 1038 votes, surpassing his competitors. Shakeel Qarar, Farooq Faisal Khan, and Sagheer Chaudhry received 478, 390, and 171 votes respectively.

Nayyar Ali Clinches Secretary Position:

Nayyar Ali, representing the journalist panel, secured the Secretary position with 988 votes, demonstrating strong support for the panel’s agenda. Dr. Sadia Kamal, Furqan Rao, and Sardar Hafeez received 555, 413, and 50 votes respectively.

Waqar Abbasi Wins Finance Secretary Seat:

Waqar Abbasi, a candidate from the journalist panel, triumphed in the Finance Secretary category with 914 votes, reflecting confidence in the panel’s fiscal responsibility.

Journalist Panel Sweeps Vice President Positions:

The journalist panel dominated the Vice President positions, with Ehtishamul Haque, Shah Muhammad, and Syed Zafar Hussain Hashmi securing 1053, 792, and 858 votes respectively.

Sehar Aslam Takes Women’s Vice President Seat:

Sahar Aslam, a journalist panel candidate, secured the Women’s Vice President seat with 1023 votes, indicating support for gender diversity within the National Press Club.

Journalist Panel Prevails in Joint Secretary Positions:

In the Joint Secretary category, the journalist panel continued its success, with Syed Aun Shirazi, Javed Bhagat, and Talat Farooq winning with 943, 933, and 913 votes respectively.

Sehrish Qureshi Wins Women’s Joint Secretary Seat:

Sehrish Qureshi of the Journalist Panel secured a decisive victory for the Women’s Joint Secretary seat.

Newly elected President Azhar Jatoi, expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support, conveyed his commitment to upholding journalistic principles.

“Under the journalist panel’s leadership, we anticipate a transformative year, dedicated to the growth of the press community and the continued pursuit of excellence,” said Azhar Jatoi.